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Review of: Cracking the Case Study Market, by Steve Slaunwhite

Review by: Nick Usborne


How would you like to make $1,250 or more for writing a 2-page success story?


When I first read Steve Slaunwhite’s guide to writing case studies, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.


I would laugh simply because it is such a wonderful niche to work in. For me, certainly, the idea of writing short case histories is enormously attractive. You get to learn about all kinds of different companies and the successes they have achieved.


As for the crying part, I have been freelancing for over twenty years and it never once occurred to me that this was a growing and lucrative market. Had I known or thought about it before, I would have been writing a lot of case histories.


Here is how Steve got started:

“It was early in my copywriting career and I had only a vague notion of what one even looked like. I had a lot of questions: “How do I write a case study?” “How long is it?” “What format do I use?”


“What information do I need to get started?” “How much do I quote for the job?” I didn’t have a clue.”

You’ll find the answers to all these questions, and more, in this guide.


While only 45 pages in length, this guide covers all the information you’ll need to get started.


Here’s is the ground covered...

- What is a case study? - Why do companies produce case studies? - How case studies are used. - Types of companies that need case studies - How to write a case study: a 3-step guide - How to get case study writing assignments - How much should you charge?

Plus you get an exhaustive list of additional resources.


In other words, although the guide is short, Steve gives you all the information and guidance you’ll need to get started...and do a good job.


Concluding thoughts...


As I mentioned at the beginning, I can’t think of a more pleasurable way to make good money as a writer. The market is huge, and in need of good writers.


If you consider yourself a student of how companies succeed, and like the idea of making $1,250 or more for having fun while writing two pages, I recommend you get yourself a copy of this guide.


Learn more about Cracking the Case Study Market...



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