Be prepared to work hard when you launch your freelance writing business.


by Nick Usborne


As I have written many times before, I think freelance writing and copywriting are wonderful career choices.

I find this to be particularly true at times like these, when the economies of most countries in the world are taking a horrible nosedive.

I love the fact that I don’t have an employer and that I can never be fired or “downsized”.

I sleep better knowing that my writing skills will always give me choices and allow me to keep an income flowing into my bank account every month.

All that said, it irks me when I read promotions and marketing promises that tell people freelance writing and copywriting offer the means to make a lot of money really fast.

Yes, you can make excellent money as a freelancer.

But I don’t think it is true or fair to tell people that they can achieve freelance success “fast”.

It may well be true that a small handful of people achieve a high level of income very quickly. But these people are in the minority.

For most people it takes time to build up a successful and profitable freelance writing or copywriting business. Of course it does. Launching a freelance business is the same as launching any kind of business. It takes a considerable commitment, plenty of work and a lot of careful planning.

Once you are ready to start promoting your services, you’ll find that getting the first five writing engagements is the hardest.

Once you have those jobs under your belt, things get easier. You’ll have some samples and success stories to share with prospective clients. You’ll be able to show a portfolio of work. You’ll be able to prove your abilities.

But getting those first few jobs will almost always be a bit of a struggle. And that’s no different from any kind of business start-up. The first few sales are always the hardest.

I don’t say this to discourage you. Far from it. Just don’t fall for those promises that tell you you’ll be making six figures in the first few months. That rarely happens. It certainly didn’t happen to me. I had to work hard and hustle for those first few engagements.

What is my point here? I’m saying all this because I know that a lot of people start work on becoming a freelancer, but then give up after a few weeks because they find it harder than they had expected.

What I suggest is that you be realistic. Freelancing is great and carries some wonderful benefits and rewards. But expect to work hard at making it happen.


Don’t give up when you realize that you made only $2,000 in the first three months. When I first started out freelancing as an online copywriter my total income for the first year was just $11,000. In the second year I made a good six figures.

My experience is much more typical than the “I make $50,000 in the first 2 months” scenario.

Be reasonable in your expectations. Work through the tough and lean times.

Your persistence will be rewarded.



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