Think of a topic that interests you, and then imagine writing a website about it.


by Nick Usborne


You probably have a hobby or some topic of interest you know quite a bit about.


Most of us do. It could be almost anything, from making cupcakes, playing the guitar, following a sport or just about anything else.


For me it’s coffee.


I don’t have any professional background in the coffee business. And I’m not obsessed by it.


But I do know enough to have been able to slowly write a website about making great coffee.


It’s called


Check it out and you’ll see that it’s not a very high-tech site. Nothing fancy. But it does contain hundreds of pages of information about making coffee.


Now think of a topic you know something about.


Cycling? Scrapbooking? Travel? Quilting or knitting? Snowboarding? Wine? Cooking?


Just write down a list of a few subjects you think it might be fun to write about.

Why do this?


Because my coffee site earns me between $2,500 and $6,500 a month in revenue each month. The figure varies a lot because the coffee business is very seasonal. People buy more coffee and coffee makers in the winter.


No, I don’t sell coffee or coffee makers on my site. I simply include ads and sign up for affiliate programs with companies that do sell coffee and coffee making equipment.


In other words, I don’t have to handle and ship products. Nor do I have to deal with customer service or anything like that.


I simply write more and more pages about coffee.


And the more pages I write, the more money I make. I just keep including those ads and affiliate links and wait for the checks to arrive in the mail.


For me, this is an ideal way to make money. I don’t have to find clients or even chase late payers. I don’t have any deadlines other than the ones I might set for myself. I can never be fired or downsized by my coffee site either.


I just keep writing, and my site keeps paying me for my efforts.


Best of all, you don’t need to be some kind of Internet wizard to do this. It’s super simple.


For me, it’s still just a hobby. I put in maybe an hour or two each week. I worked harder at the beginning, to create a decent number of pages. But now I can work at a much slower pace.


This is absolutely my favourite way to make money. And if I put more time into it, and maybe started one or two other sites as well, I could probably make all of my income this way.


Could you do the same with a website of your own? Absolutely you could.


And to show you exactly how, step by step, I have created a 70,000 word study program that takes you through the entire process from beginning to end.


It is called How to Write Your own Money-Making Websites.


Find out more about my "How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites Program" here...





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