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Nick Usborne's How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program.

The most reliable and certain way to make money online is to write an information-rich website on a topic that already interests you.


Nick Usborne's How to write your own money-making websites program...



.Nick Usborne's Million Dollare Secrets to Online Copywriting

Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


An in-depth course to give you the knowledge and expertise you need to make money as an online copywriter.


Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting





How to make money writing for the web – WITHOUT having to find any clients.


by Nick Usborne


For most freelance copywriters and writers the easy part of their job is DOING the work.


The hard part is FINDING the work.


In fact, probably the majority of freelancers actively dislike having to reach out and find new clients, whether it’s through cold-calling, direct mail or some other form of marketing.


And some freelancers would consider the word “dislike” to be a little on the mild side. Cold-calling can actually terrify some people. And that’s understandable. However good you are on the phone, most prospects will say no, and none of us likes to feel rejected.


So what am I suggesting? Am I suggesting that you give up on looking for freelance work?


Not at all.


If your goal is to make money as a freelance copywriter, then you absolutely have to look for new work. It is an integral part of your business and shouldn’t be avoided.


However, you may want to supplement your monthly income in a way that never involves looking for new clients.


In fact, it doesn’t involve even working for clients.


What I’m talking about is a way to use your online writing and copywriting skills as a way to make money for yourself.


For me, this has meant using my writing skills to create money-making websites of my own.


Of all of these, the one I have worked on most is called


The site is about coffee, which has nothing to do with my professional life at all.


Really, the site is simply a hobby. It’s something I work on some evenings and at the weekend.


But through the display of Google AdSense ads, and inclusion of affiliate links, this site now makes me between $2,500 and $6,500 in revenue every month.


That’s all passive revenue. I don’t have to work a certain number of hours in order to make that money. And if a week or two pass when I have no time to work on the site, it still makes me money.


Sound good so far?


To be honest, I enjoy making money in this way. All I have to do is keep adding pages to my coffee site and come up with some ways to promote it and get more visitors.


I still do my copywriting and consulting work. And I also do some coaching work.

But with my coffee site I am creating a very valuable source of passive revenue.


I plan to create some more sites which will earn me money in the same way.


And, as I’m no spring chicken, I can see the day when I can retire from my copywriting work and simply draw a monthly income from my own money-making websites.


What I am suggesting to you is that if you are making money as a freelance writer or copywriter right now, you might want to put aside a little time each week to create a site of your own.


The more money you make from your own websites, the less time you will have to spend cold-calling for new clients.


How can you make a success of making money this way? As with every new skill, there is a learning curve.


Fortunately I kept a detailed record of the steps I took in the creation and success of and put them together in a step-by-step program called How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.


Find out more about my "How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites Program" here...



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